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List of Common Metrics

A critical component of the Asphalt Art Initiative is to identify priority goals for each project and to make a plan for collecting metrics to determine how successful the project is at meeting those goals. Goals and metrics may differ from project to project. Below are some common metrics used by asphalt art project teams.

Safety & Mobility

  • Reduction in vehicle speeds
  • Change in traffic count
  • Driver stop bar compliance and/or coming to full stop
  • Decrease in crashes
  • Decrease in near misses
  • Decrease in injuries
  • Change in visitor modeshare
  • Increase in number of cyclists
  • New or enhanced crosswalks
  • Shortened crosswalks (distance and/or crossing time)
  • Increase in perception of safety (traffic and/or personal)
  • Number of repurposed lanes
  • Reduction in pedestrian crossing wait times

Public Space

  • Increase in number of events
  • Increase in diversity of visitors (geographic, race, etc)
  • Increase in positive perception of site
  • Amount of new or enhanced pedestrian space
  • Increase in public/private investment/utilization in area (vacancy reduction, new leases, etc)
  • Increase in visit duration
  • Increase in visit frequency
  • Increase in area business activity (sales tax data, surveys, etc)
  • Reduction in complaints about location
  • Number of artworks
  • Increase in number of pedestrians/visitors (survey, counts, etc)
  • Square footage of artworks


  • Number of people involved in outreach events
  • Number of children/students engaged
  • Number of people surveyed
  • Number of people voting on artist submissions
  • Percentage approval/satisfaction with project (survey)
  • Number of new projects inspired
  • Number of artist submissions
  • Number of artists commissioned
  • Change in perception/awareness of project-specific factor (racial justice, community identity, police, sustainability, public transit, etc)
  • Number of volunteer events
  • Number of outreach events
  • Number of businesses engaged/surveyed
  • Economic impact on nearby businesses
  • Number of media hits
  • Number of social media interactions
  • Number of partner organizations/agencies engaged
  • Amount of partner funding
  • Number of volunteers