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Case Study Contacts

Sharing project challenges and keys to success.

The Asphalt Art Guide case studies include information on project attributes like material types and associated costs, design and engineering justifications, project creators, installation methods, collaborative strategies, project evaluation, and lessons learned.

For more information about a particular project, contact the local representative:

United States:

Corbett Porch | Tucson, AZ
Kylie Walzak

Paint The Town | Oakland, CA
Lili Brown

Martin Acres Underpass Mural | Boulder, CO
Leah Brenner Clack

Miami Dominoes Underline Mural | Miami, FL
Bo Droga

Rue Vendome | Miami, FL
Dana Wall

Common Ground | St. Petersburg, FL
John Collins

Walks of Life | West Palm Beach, FL
Heather Danforth

Lincoln Hub | Chicago, IL
Dillon Goodson

Art Route DSM | Des Moines, IA
Tiffany Tauscheck

Underground at Ink Block | Boston, MA
Kathy McMahon

Spirit Plaza | Detroit, MI
Maria Galarza

Barrier Beautification Program | New York, NY
Wendy Feurer

Cool Water, Hot Island | New York, NY
Wendy Feurer

Emily Colasacco

Coxe Avenue Mural | Asheville, NC
Irene Balza

Oval Mural | Philadelphia, PA
Kate Jacobi

Same, Same but Different Mural | Pittsburgh, PA
Rachel Rearick

City Repair Program | Portland, OR
Greg Raisman

The Art Transformer Project | Providence, RI
Stephanie Fortunato

Curb Bulb Program | Seattle, WA
Kristen Ramirez

Green Lake Dragonfly | Seattle, WA
Lisa Cach



Sexapus Mural | Montreal, Canada
Francois de la Chevrotiere

StART Outside the Box | Toronto, Canada
Catherine Campbell

Programa Plazoletas | Bogotá, Colombia
Carlos Urrego

Trigono Art Box Program | Athens, Greece
Elina Dallas

Piazze Aperte | Milan, Italy
Demetrio Scopelliti

Better Bankside Colorful Crossings | London, UK
Valerie Beirne