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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bringing a neighborhood market to life

The Project

Amsterdam’s Asphalt Art Initiative project, “Surround Sound,” was designed to build connections between the city’s vibrant street art community and residents in the Nieuw-West district, a relatively low-income area in the far west of the city with a diverse immigrant population. A unique partnership between the central city district government, Nieuw-West, the Street Art Museum Amsterdam and the Spanish lead artist Kenor, the project brings bright splashes of color to benches, planters, and portions of the sidewalk near the vibrant local marketplace at Plein 40-45, drawing customers on market days and enlivening the neighborhood for residents year-round.

“I hope that our artwork will really connect everybody…It’s a showstopper that makes you think about your surrounding environment and hopefully, eventually, brings you closer to a place where you live, so you become, not a consumer, but an actual member of the community” 

Anna Stolyarova, project manager


Plein 40-45, Nieuw-West District

Number of Intersections


Installation Dates

Phase 1: October 11-16, 2021; Future phases: January – February 2022

Lead Partners

Street Art Museum Amsterdam

Municipality of Amsterdam

Nieuw-West District

Lead Artists

Kenor (Jonas Romero Romero)

Cika Schulz



Simbl Art

Amon Vallentin


Flexa Hout Gondverf Multiprimer (outdoor lacquer)

Build by Global Paint (outdoor lacquer)

Nelfalite Xcellent Gloss (water-based high-gloss paint)

Montana Spray paint

Aslan adhesive foil

Square Footage of Artwork



Design: €15,000

Labor: €10,000

Supplies: €15,000

Admin: €10,000

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