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Columbus, IN

Building a walkable neighborhood

The Project

The City of Columbus, Indiana, installed a two-part asphalt mural along 16th Street at the intersections of Home Avenue and Union Street, near a residential neighborhood and budding commercial node. By transforming the streetscape with colorful artwork and improving safety and walkability, the City hopes to uplift residents and visitors and increase foot traffic to the neighborhood business district, as part of an overarching civic aim of enhancing social connectivity and economic growth through creative placemaking and art activation.

Lead artists Shamira Wilson and Cory Robinson’s approach to the 16th Street project builds on strengths and similarities between the individual artists, while striving to find new ways of working with shared themes to explore new ideas for the site. Playing with the vocabulary of grids, muted and vibrant color palettes and a series of repeated “leaf” shapes has led the creative team to the initial proposal. With the help of 21 volunteers, 52 gallons of paint, 25 hours of painting, the artist duo installed the mural over the course of two days.

“Columbus is a small town with an enormous story to tell around Design, Industrial Design, Architecture and Environmental Design. I like how the work we did with the Asphalt Art Initiative allowed this design identity to literally spill into the street and maybe pick up a few new fans along the way.” 

Cory Robinson, Artist


16th Street

Number of Intersections


Installation Dates

May 14-15, 2021

Lead Partners

Columbus Area Arts Council

City of Columbus – Bartholomew County Planning Department

Columbus Regional Health-Healthy Communities

Lead Artists

Cory Robinson

Shamira Wilson


Benjamin Moore acrylic enamel paint (Coronado Rust Scat Semi-gloss)

Square Footage of Artwork






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