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Norfolk, VA

Designing a platform for community interaction

The Project

The City of Norfolk identified project sites in three Norfolk Police Patrol Districts based on neighborhood diversity, traffic safety, police data, pavement conditions, and resident interest. Ground murals will be painted at the three sites, and will become hubs for events to engage residents, embrace communities, and help ensure that those who live in the areas feel looked after and cared for. The Police Department will participate in the events in an effort to increase police-community trust, and thereby improving police effectiveness and public safety. The first mural was installed in October 2020 in the Norview neighborhood, and the two additional murals will be installed in 2021.

Improving Police and Community Relations Through Art

Best Practice Highlight: Designing for the Community

Local artist Mensah Bey was selected for the first project, a 100-foot ground mural in the Norview neighborhood. His design, titled “Gather in Abundance,” draws inspiration from West African Adinkra symbolism, with imagery representing unity, togetherness, abundance, and cooperation. In addition, the design creates a physical platform for participatory events. With social distancing as a prime consideration during any community gathering, the design incorporates flower symbols spaced 10 feet apart to indicated where individuals can safely stand during choreographed activities. Over the course of two days, Mensah Bey and his team oversaw 55 community volunteers and police officers to paint the mural.



Number of Murals

1 completed + 2 upcoming

Installation Dates

October 14-15, 2020

Lead Partners

Norfolk Arts

Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Virginia

Lead Artist

Mensah Bey


Exterior latex paint

Square Footage of Artwork



Design: $9,000

Labor: $6,000

Supplies: $5,020





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Norfolk: Before
Norfolk: Before

“The messaging I wanted to portray through this project is putting artwork in these somewhat forgotten communities as opposed to in the designated art districts. Everybody deserves the arts.” 

Mensah Bey, Artist

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