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Sioux Falls, SD

Highlighting diverse voices on utility boxes

The Project

The ArtBox project is a collection of 26 utility boxes across downtown Sioux Falls, each wrapped with vinyl artwork from artists of all backgrounds and abilities from the area. To engage as many people as possible, proposals were accepted digitally or using a simple paper submission form available at public libraries, schools, homeless shelters, and local businesses. The proposals were solicited in Arabic, Amharic, English, Nepali, Somali, Spanish, and Swahili. 176 people from across the city submitted paintings, drawings, digital art, illustrations, and photography, and a jury organized by the Sioux Falls Arts Council selected 26 designs from 66 artists, who were all paid stipends for their work. The final designs were reformatted and printed on vinyl wraps, and installed onto the utility boxes by a professional contractor.

Using Every Free Space for Art

“Art has the power to change our awareness and to transform a space. The DTSF ArtBox project will provide us the chance to embrace our community’s diversity and not only enhance our downtown but also help unite us as a community.” 

Paul TenHaken, Mayor

Best Practice Highlight: Walking Tour App

Prior to the ArtBox installation, the neighborhood organization Downtown Sioux Falls created DTSF Digital Passport, a walking tour app for residents and visitors to use as they explored the city. Once the ArtBox art was installed, QR code markers were posted on each box that people could scan to learn more about the artists and their work. Touring all 26 boxes covers roughly 3 miles.


Downtown Sioux Falls

Number of Installations

26 utility boxes

Installation Dates

August 4-13, 2021

Lead Partners

Sioux Falls Arts Council

City of Sioux Falls Planning & Development Services

Downtown Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation

Lead Artists

26 local artists and artist teams


Vinyl Wraps

Square Footage of Artwork



Design: $20,433

Materials & Labor: $28,028

Admin: $5,200


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For inspiration and tips for the creation of art on roadways and public places, download the Bloomberg Associates Asphalt Art Guide which features successful plaza and roadway art activations around the world, as well as key steps for developing such projects.

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